Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Opportunities List

We had great feedback from the research community about the opportunities digests. However, the early format wasn't well-suited to large numbers of opportunities and events. We've fixed that for you! We are excited to announce a new format and introduces the following improvements:
  • Add your opportunity!
    • Easily advertise your event or opportunity by filling out the convenient submission form. Your event will be automatically added to the list so it will update immediately.  
  • Browse the list online
    • Easily scroll through the opportunities in a neatly organized online spreadsheet so you can easily click, cut, and paste the data you need.
  • Download the list in pdf format
    • Download the list to your computer so you can print it or look at it offline. All changes are immediate, so you're always downloading the latest version.
  • Colour coding
    • We still sort the list by submission deadline, but we've added colour coding so that you can easily identify the type of opportunities you're interested in. 
  • Timestamps
    • Instead of marking updated events with a "new" tag, you'll easily be able to identify the most recently added opportunities by looking at the timestamp column.
We hope you enjoy the changes. Please do help us help you most by adding any events we've missed! 

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